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Medical Massage

Injury Treatment / Chronic pain

Our therapists are specialized in pain management. Your treatment would be focused on addressing your muscular discomfort. If you have chronic ongoing pain your health insurance may cover your treatment. Your treatment would be focused on addressing that muscular discomfort. As each individual plan is different we can help you navigate your way through the process. Provide us with your full name, insurance carrier, ID number, and date of birth AND you will know within 24-48 hrs exactly what is covered all before you even step into our office. Please email here to being the process. 

Car accident

If you have been in a car accident and have an active claim with your auto insurance carrier, you can see us at no upfront cost. We can bill your insurance carrier directly.


Throughout our career, we have seen thousands of patients who suffered in minor and severe car accidents that caused injuries such as whiplash and muscular strains along the spine. Your massage will be focused on addressing the effects of muscular trauma caused by the accident. 

Preferred providers with: Providence, Regence, Blue Cross Blue Shield  

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